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How to use lablog
Notice: Neopets has implemented recent changes that make it difficult to get information about your pet. We are currently working on methods to resolve this issue. Lablog currently has partial functionality, and some pet information may be inaccurate. Feel free to contact us and we can correct your pet's information. We truly apologize for any inconvenience and hope to resolve this issue as soon as possible. A major Lablog update is coming very soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add register my pet?
You do not need to register your pets, it will happen automatically when record your first zap.

I set my profile to hidden but its still visible!
Your profile will be invisible to other lablog users, but you can still see it from your account.

My pet is showing as at red kacheek when its actually a blue chia!
Use the the button on the My Pets page to update your pets info.

When I registered my account, the FAQ says my pets are registered too. But when I go to 'my pets' nothing is there?
Your pets will appear after you have recorded their first zap.

How do you use the closet function? Like add clothes?
The closet function list clothes you have recieved from zaps. If your zap has granted you some new clothes, they're automatically added to your closet.

My pet got hit by boochi, how do I add this?
If this has just happened you can use the update button on the my pets page to update your pets colour. If you have zapped your pet since getting hit use the add old zaps page and choose "non lab change" from the menu.

I forgot to copy & paste my zap but I remember what I got, how can I add it?
If the zap is less than one week old you can add it on the record zaps page at the bottom. If the zap is older than one week you will have to use the add old zaps page.

Lablog id showing the female image for my pet when he is male!
We only store one of the images for each colour/species combination so it might be the male or female image. We have over 2,500 pet images stored already and have no plans to double that number to get images for both genders.

How does my pet become one of the notable neopets?
Pets are only eligible to become featured on the front page if they have been zapped today, so your pets will not appear when adding old zaps. The colour change is given a rating out of ten, the most interesting colours such as Msp and Mallow, are ranked 10. The more boring ones such as Red, Yellow, Brown, White etc. are given a lower rating of 1 or 2. Every minute the front page refreshes its list of pets by choosing one random pet from each of the top 3 ranks.

My pet is currently shown as the most interesting zap, I don't want this, how can I remove it?
You can remove your pet by going to your pet's lookup and clicking the remove button. This button will only show up if you are on the list.

How can I make sure that my pets are not selected as the most interesting zap?
You can make sure your pets never show up by checking the 'Notable Neopet' box on your Privacy Settings Page.

A faerie granted my pet a level, how do I record this?
Lablog does not keep track your pets overall stats such as level and strength, so you don't have to worry about recording non lab stats changes.

The pet page layout shows my pet starting as a blue kacheek when he was a yellow lupe.
If your first zap was a colour or species change the pet page will show your pets initial colour/species as the result of the first zap. You can make it show the right colour/species by using the add old zaps form to add a 'fake' zap before your first zap. For example if the first recorded zap was 10 october 2008, add a zap for the 9 october 2008 saying nothing happens, or something that will not affect your overall stats. make sure you fill in the form at the bottom of the page saying how your pet is meant to look.

I my pet changed colour from a non lab event and now lablog is showing the wrong image for my pet.
You can fix this error in a few simple steps. It is best to fix this error as soon as it happens, to save your self some time

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