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Notice: Neopets has implemented recent changes that make it difficult to get information about your pet. We are currently working on methods to resolve this issue. Lablog currently has partial functionality, and some pet information may be inaccurate. Feel free to contact us and we can correct your pet's information. We truly apologize for any inconvenience and hope to resolve this issue as soon as possible. A major Lablog update is coming very soon!


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On this website you can create a log about your Secret Laboratory Zaps. This can help you create an overview of what has happened to your pet over time. If you visit Lablog every day and record your zap, you will create a database for yourself in which you can see how often your pet has changed colour or gained stats. You can also use Lablog to create you a fabulous petpage so you can show your lab statistics to other people on Neopets.

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Getting Started
In order to record your zaps you must create yourself an account, using the Register page. If you have the lab ray on your side accounts you can link them to your account using ther Register Side Accounts page. You may also want to change your Privacy Settings to hide your info from other lablog users.

Recording Zaps
After you have created an account you can choose to Record your zaps daily, starting today. You can also use the Import zaps feature to add zaps from before you created your Lablog account. If you haven't saved your old zaps in the format required by the Import zaps page, you can also add them manually by using the Add old zaps feature.

Viewing or Editing your Lablog
The easiest way to view your lablog is through the My Pets page. Here you can also update your pet's info if its displaying incorrectly due to you painting or morphing it. If you recorded a zap wrongly, you can use the Edit Zaps page to edit it, or remove it, you can then re-add it using one of the options described above.

Creating a Petpage
Once you've started your log you will be able to make use of the great features that lablog offers. For example, you can create a great looking petpage for your lab pet, you can choose from two different designs.

The Closet Function
For those of you addicted to customisation, the Closet function gives you a quick and handy overview of the clothes you have currently collected.

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