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Lost Password

So many people forget their password that it was using up a considerable amount of my time, so I made this page instead where you do all the work :P.

In order to get a new lablog password (old ones can't be retrieved) you need to prove that you are who you claim to be and not some devious imposter. This is done by putting a special message on your petpage, lablog then opens your petpage and if it finds the messsage it will make you a new password. The pet must be on the account registered as your main account.

This might seem a strange thing to do but its pretty much the only way to prove that you are the owner of the account, and it has much quicker response times than neomailing me :P

Lablog Username:

In the unlikely case that all 4 of your pets are lutaris or if you are havimg probles with this form (like if you forgot your lablog username), you can neomail the_stripy_socks to get your password reset. Please mail from the account registered as your neopets main account

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